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First thing we do – Kill the Gays

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The headline was – I cannot think of the word that can describe my disbelief that one fundamental Christian of this country, an elected official, has but one concern. Death to all who are not like him, macho, straight and … Continue reading

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Most American Christians are no true Christians

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There is no such thing as a “Judeo-Christian” heritage or traditions, and most Christians follow the teaching of Constantine more than Jesus’. Continue reading

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Please Join David This Evening

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David can be heard this evening at 7:00 pm CST on Dan Veit’s Sex Drugs & Civil Liberties on KOPN Radio 89.5 Continue reading

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The Religious War on Religion and Atheism

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What I am saying is that knowledge is power and if more people know about the religious based propaganda being shoveled into the heads of otherwise innocent children, who are not born with an evil or prejudice bone in their bodies, the more likely it will stop. Continue reading

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Thanksgiving – Secular or Sectarian?

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Then there is a Jewish website that not only declares Thanksgiving is a secular holiday, but a Kosher one at that. Unless, of course, your cousin Christine brings her highly prized glazed ham and someone puts bacon in the string bean casserole. Continue reading

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Open your ears and eyes to open your minds.

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If you think you know the story of the Phelps family and Westboro Baptist Church, you don’t. Continue reading

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A War on the Constitution, not Christianity

I believe it is the conservative Christian movement’s attack is on the Constitution of the United States. The only governing document created by the Founders as the only basis of the American government today. Continue reading

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Don’t Let the Evil Doers Continue to Win

What happened after our “day that will live in infamy” saddens me to no end. The United States became instantly paranoid and, to some extent, rightfully so. The government did not protect the United States and her citizens from enemies foreign and domestic. Today we live in fear and paranoia. Continue reading

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Not a Christian Nation

Allow me to discuss what I do know about American history.

The original conquest of the New World by the Europeans was to find treasure, spices and a quick route to the Orient. As it is today, commerce is the director of government. The primary reason was not to spread Christianity in its various forms.

The original colonies, English, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, French and Portuguese, were chartered for commerce. Not one charter spoke to the establishment of a religious colony. However, this does not prevent the Christian nation proponents from referring to the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the two Puritan settlements of Salem and Plymouth. What they seem to neglect is the third Massachusetts settlement of Ma-re, which was an Anglo-Saxon pagan settlement. Continue reading

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A Response to Father Richard Partika

Fr. Richard Partika’s letter (to the duluth News Tribune) deals with; Christianity under attack, Jefferson referred to the Ten Commandments in the Declaration of Independence, and that “evidence in documents, speeches, monuments and inscriptions on government buildings are in harmony with religion, the Declaration and the Constitution.” The vast majority of students of history know otherwise. Continue reading

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