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Missouri GOP’s Newest Attack on Women

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The Sue Shears Institute for Women in Public Life appears to be, no is, under attack by Missouri Sen. Jane Cunningham (R- Chesterfield) Continue reading

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GOP’s Dreakdown?

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It is an interesting conversation. More so knowing that it is coming from a GOP discussion group. As an observer of politics for more than 25-years and a commentator/pundit for the last five, I am now observing cracks in the … Continue reading

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Who is holding the Republicans hostage

I wrote this on Tuesday morning (7/26), so I may be a bit behind the news, that is if (and that appears to be a big if) something positive happens in the next 24 to 48 hours. I doubt that anyone is going to move from their current trenches.

I listened with great care to Mr. Obama’s and Mr. Boehner’s renditions of what is going on. I listened to them again this morning. Here is my opinion of the bottom line. Continue reading

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Returning To “The City Upon The Hill”

By declaring that the United States is a Christian nation, is the Christian majority attempting to again to force their various beliefs on others? Which will be the “right” Christianity? Continue reading

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Polling the GOP

Like many of you, I question the validity of polls, especially if the sponsor of the survey is the opposition party. The Daily Kos is a “liberal” Internet news site. The target group was Republicans. The survey must be questioned. I did, including speaking with Del Ali, president of Research 2000. Is the poll fair and accurate? From my antidotal experience and speaking with my friends from the “other side,” I think so.
Continue reading

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