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Religion, Politics and Elections

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Is the incorporation of religion into the American political system, especially the election process, relatively new? Continue reading

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“Meet the Press” Religion and Government

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Anne Graham Lotz said that she would not vote for a person who did not believe in God because a non-believer could not be morally good. Listening to Ms. Lotz and the Rev. Billy Graham preach, I can only assume that Ms. Lotz meant the God as believed by Jews and Christians. Continue reading

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Our primary purpose needs to protect the true history of our nation and founding documents – the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation of the United States, and the Constitution of the United States – from those who wish to hijack these documents in order to support their mythological beliefs and force them on to all citizens of this great land. Continue reading

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Separation Church and State – 275-years later

Does Separation of Church and State mean I want to do away with all religion? That is a hard question to answer. Read more:

Continue reading

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Censorship and HS Newspapers

The question of First Amendment rights is ripe here. As “Claudette” wrote on the WSAW Web page, “Amendment I of the Constitution states that Congress shall make no law abridging the freed [sic] or the press. The Shawano Superintendent has bowed to the God of Political Correctness.” She is not wrong her, but, as will all of our rights, the courts have declared that there are some limitations and exceptions to these rights. Continue reading

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God’s Spokesperson, Pat Robertson

If God were really wanted the world to know, wouldn’t he (or she or it) use Twitter to announce who the next president would be, avoiding the hundreds-of-millions of dollars of wasted spending in this election cycle? Continue reading

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Be Stupid, Believe in God – Pope Benedict XVI

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According to the leader of the world’s largest religious denomination, the “orthodox church,” we all need to follow in the words and footsteps of the Holy Seer’s extraordinarily kind and enduring holy man of knowledge, Saint Forrest Gump: Stupid is as Stupid does. Continue reading

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Boycott in Support of American Muslims

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One Christian conservative group has taken exception to supporting of this one program based purely on their Islamophobic beliefs, claiming that Muslims not Americans, are pushing a radical agenda, wanting to incorporate Sharia law into the Constitution, and that any support of [All American Muslims] needs to be stopped. Continue reading

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Defining God

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Religion is not just based on authority, but based on unsubstantiated faith in a supreme power to answer the unanswerable. A power that puts order to the general chaos of life. Sometimes we do not know, we cannot rationalize, why things happen. Continue reading

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Church and State Separation

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One of the arguments made by the proponents of the marriage between Church and State is the mistaken notion that the United States was founded as a Christian nation and that the Constitution is somehow a one way street, that it only prevents the government from interfering in our citizen’s personal lives; that our faith is our own and the government has no right to change that. In fact they are wrong. Continue reading

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