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Preaching Hate

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If Christianity is meant to preach love, I wonder what religion this Minister belongs to? Maybe Friends of Fred Phelps Ministry? All, not just Christians, but all who believe that all Men are created equal need to rebuke this form … Continue reading

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An open letter to J. Karl Miller

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Finally, I have heard and read the Thomas Jefferson quoting of Cesare Beccaria’s “Essay on Crimes and Punishments…” The quote was not a statement in support of the right to bear arms, but written as part of Jefferson’s studies to become a lawyer. Jefferson was quoting important cases of the time which he complied in a series of two books titled “Commonplace Books.” Continue reading

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“Meet the Press” Religion and Government

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Anne Graham Lotz said that she would not vote for a person who did not believe in God because a non-believer could not be morally good. Listening to Ms. Lotz and the Rev. Billy Graham preach, I can only assume that Ms. Lotz meant the God as believed by Jews and Christians. Continue reading

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Fighting Creationism

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Joseph Campbell wrote that religion is not keeping up with science, wanting to hold on the old and comfortable, and not move forward. In other words, a denial of science. Continue reading

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Separation Church and State – 275-years later

Does Separation of Church and State mean I want to do away with all religion? That is a hard question to answer. Read more:

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God’s Spokesperson, Pat Robertson

If God were really wanted the world to know, wouldn’t he (or she or it) use Twitter to announce who the next president would be, avoiding the hundreds-of-millions of dollars of wasted spending in this election cycle? Continue reading

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Morals lapses on both sides of the aisle

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The extremes on both ends of the continuum have move so far away from the social norms that they have become dangerous to society, yet the majority of Americans are not condemning both for their inappropriate and immoral actions. Continue reading

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Church and State Separation

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One of the arguments made by the proponents of the marriage between Church and State is the mistaken notion that the United States was founded as a Christian nation and that the Constitution is somehow a one way street, that it only prevents the government from interfering in our citizen’s personal lives; that our faith is our own and the government has no right to change that. In fact they are wrong. Continue reading

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Open your ears and eyes to open your minds.

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If you think you know the story of the Phelps family and Westboro Baptist Church, you don’t. Continue reading

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Not a Christian Nation

Allow me to discuss what I do know about American history.

The original conquest of the New World by the Europeans was to find treasure, spices and a quick route to the Orient. As it is today, commerce is the director of government. The primary reason was not to spread Christianity in its various forms.

The original colonies, English, Swedish, Dutch, Spanish, French and Portuguese, were chartered for commerce. Not one charter spoke to the establishment of a religious colony. However, this does not prevent the Christian nation proponents from referring to the Massachusetts Bay Colony and the two Puritan settlements of Salem and Plymouth. What they seem to neglect is the third Massachusetts settlement of Ma-re, which was an Anglo-Saxon pagan settlement. Continue reading

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