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Most American Christians are no true Christians

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There is no such thing as a “Judeo-Christian” heritage or traditions, and most Christians follow the teaching of Constantine more than Jesus’. Continue reading

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GOP’s Dreakdown?

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It is an interesting conversation. More so knowing that it is coming from a GOP discussion group. As an observer of politics for more than 25-years and a commentator/pundit for the last five, I am now observing cracks in the … Continue reading

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Paul, Cain, Romney, and Perot

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I learned a great lesson on winning friends and influencing people (sorry Mr. Carnegie) when I was working for the Gary Hart for President campaign. It is a lesson I give my students and clients – business and political. It is a lesson I have taken to heart. It is a lesson I thought the Republican presidential candidates would have realized by now.

Lying Is Not An Option! Continue reading

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Defining “Religion”

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Is a religion based on a belief of a god or gods or the supernatural? There are too many holes in this definition to say “yes it is.” Continue reading

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Anger, anger everywhere

New Hampshire state representative Lynne Blankenbeker (R- Merrimack)… is a nurse and officer in the Naval Reserves, served in the U.S. Air force, and is a practicing attorney. Blankenbeker sits on the House State-Federal Relations and Veterans Affairs Committee where she fights for veterans’ rights.

She continued her email by stating that she “got to be the gunner (on her Humvee) which was fun. The .50cal is quite a gun! I was never ascared [sic] of the unions but they better not F#%k with me again!!! Just saying… I have mastered hand to hand combat as well.” Continue reading

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Allen West – Behavior unbecoming a U.S. Representative

Allen West, who tends to speak of himself in the third person, was upset over Wasserman Schultz’s comment, but should understand by know that this is only politics and not to take these comments personally. But he does not and he did.

In an email sent to Wasserman Schultz, West said, “You (Wasserman Schultz) are the most vile, unprofessional and despicable member of the U.S. House of Representative (sic).” Continue reading

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Bidding For Candidates!

Ah, America, where elections can still be bought by corporations, organizations, the Koch brothers, and now, Stephen Colbert. Just form a Super PAC. As Colbert has shown, anyone can do it! Just fill out one form, FEC Form 1, and bingo! Unless, of course, if you work for the media and want to promote your PAC on your own show or, in my case, may various commentaries, you may have to have a hearing. But otherwise…. Continue reading

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Moderate Republicans Unite!

How long will the Republican moderates allow their brethren to lie out of their actions, misstatements and stupidity, and push the party to the brink of destruction? It seems like forever. Why? Who the heck are they afraid of? Michelle … Continue reading

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First Contact

No, not with the aliens, but you may think so… New technologies have caused a lot of changes, including that of job hunting in this brave new world. You will now find possible position choices in the newspapers and other … Continue reading

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National Day of Indifference – A Proclamation

The end is near Sometimes stories are just too good to pass up. Some make even better “targets” of satire and laughs. Harold Camping is the number one guy at the eBible Fellowship, an online evangelical and fundamentalist “church.” He … Continue reading

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