Destroying America, one Bible at a time

Egyptians waiting to vote – 2012
Christian Science Monitor

The underlying problem for the Egyptian people is whether they wish to have a secular or a sectarian government.  This election is what may occur if the conversation-Christian base has their way. But instead of sharia law favored by Morsi and The Muslim Brotherhood conservatives, it will be Christian biblical law as favored by the American fundamentalist Christian conservatives.

You may want to argue that Egypt is different because they are a Muslim state and America is a Christian nation so a Taliban type government will never happen here, but that is simply wrong.

Human nature does not change because of one’s faith. The Egyptian people should remain focused on the future of those of other faiths; the Coptic Christians, the Jews, other non-Muslims and the moderate and liberal arms of the Egyptian Muslim population.

There is no justification for claiming, “It won’t happen here because we are the United States,” or “we have Christian values,” for both premises can be shown false quickly and easily. There is no such thing as a true Theocratic Democracy once religion has the upper hand.

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