To my Jewish friends, Good Passover.

To my Christian friends, I wish you well during your holiday week.

To my secular humanist, skeptic, and atheist friends, April Fool’s Day is behind us and Be A Pirate Day is not until September 19, what are we to do? May be it is time to take a serious look at ourselves and ask ourselves an important question:

What have we done for our nation lately? What have we done for our local schools? What have we done to maintain the sanctity of the Constitution of the United States by fighting against the overt inclusion of religious studies in our public schools, the overt inclusion of religion into our government and court proceedings, and the overt inclusion of religion into the American propaganda systems?

This is not to say that as non-theists we must fight religion itself. It is my conviction that we cannot force reason and logic on those who do not wish to open their eyes to see the truth. We will never convince those of religious fervor, the orthodox, that science’s goal is not to “prove that God exists,” or that the various holy books are not infallible, or that one faith is greater than all others are.

No, that should not be our primary purpose as American atheists.

Our primary purpose needs to protect the true history of our nation and founding documents – the Declaration of Independence, the Articles of Confederation of the United States, and the Constitution of the United States – from those who wish to hijack these documents in order to support their mythological beliefs and force them on to all citizens of this great land.

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