Fighting Creationism

Is there a new tactic by the Creationist/Intelligent Design advocates? No, it is the same-old, same-old.

The state of Tennessee has introduced HB 0368/0893 protecting “a teacher from discipline for teaching scientific subjects in an objective manner.” This sound good, right?

As the late Paul Harvey would say, “Now, the rest of the story.”

Joseph Campbell wrote that religion is not keeping up with science, wanting to hold on the old and comfortable, and not move forward. In other words, a denial of science.

One of the tactics that the pro-creationists have in their ever growing, though illogical, arsenal is argument. Not just the “there is no proof for evolution” argument or the “compound-eye” argument. No. Students are now taught to question everything about the science of evolution.

The Institute for Creation Research’s “Introducing Creationism into Public Schools,” by ICR’s president Henry Morris, Ph.D., provides a long and well-written column on what schools, parents, teachers, pastors, and, yes, students need to do to start the creationism versus evolution discussion by asking questions concerning Creationism or any of the offshoots.

Yes, the arguments, which have no scientific basis, are only justified through some interpretation of biblical passages, but they are arguments just the same. And arguments that challenge the authority of a teacher or of the teacher’s knowledge of the topic, cause untold disruptions in a classroom.

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