Are There Atheist Extremists?

I recently posted an editorial in the Columbia Missourian concerning Rush Limbaugh and the placement of a bust in his honor in the Hall of Famous Missourians. When one of my usual detractors said that I only write about conservative screw-up, I replied that I will write about liberal and other cases of Foot-in-Mouth disease when I come across them. I have…

I am an atheist, a humanist, and a skeptic, yet I am dismayed when one in my community engages in a “straw man attack” in response to a secular complaint.

When teaching ethics in language and communication, I remind my students that both ends of the continuum are equally as guilty of violating the terms of rational discussion and resort to the madness of out-right conflict.

I heard this from a women who simply refuses to believe that someone addressing her during the winter holiday season with “Merry Christmas” is just being friendly. She takes that comment as a direct insult to her personally; even if the greeting came from a stranger.

I heard this from a gentleman in St. Louis who told me that it is not the atheists taking up “arms,” but the Christian fundamentalists who are the aggressors. He is only partly correct, for he seems to disregard the extremists within our own.

Why? Like those of religion, atheists are also sensitive to the insults and discrimination in an attempt to prove their “faith” is wrong. In religion, it is the possibility that their god and scriptures do not exist. For the atheist, it is the suggestion they no long use rational and critical thinking, or science as their tools.

Every group has its extremists and atheism is no different. Atheists have our own deniers, our own radicals (beyond those of the so-called “New atheists”) and, in a very real way, our own misguided beliefs that move away from the rational base that we so honor.

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2 Responses to Are There Atheist Extremists?

  1. Fil Salustri says:

    It would be interesting to create a “catalogue” of sorts, describing both religious extremists and atheist extremists. Not in general terms, though. Finding actual individuals who fall into each category and describing what is so extremist about each one.

  2. I’m relieved to see that you can spot the radical atheists and don’t have a blind spot in this area, Mr. Rossman.

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