It’s B-Ball Time!

I usually do not write about sports, especially basketball. Or football for that matter. I am an in-the-bleachers baseball fan when I can get to a game. I am an avid, if only an average golfer, and enjoy watching the newest whiz kids trying to break Tiger’s amazing records.

This year seems to be a little different. This year I will be paying attention to basketball and the great “Dance.” Five of my “favorite” college teams are in the 68 vying for the Sweet Sixteen. Whoo-Hoo!

Living in Columbia for almost a decade, I am starting to root for the Missouri Tigers, especially their b-ballers. The men’s team has impressed me to no end. To see them ranked as #2 in the West Division and #7 overall is a stunning accomplishment and to read that their chance to make the final four is a good bet makes the excitement in Tiger Town palatable.

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