Separation Church and State – 275-years later

Things just never get better.

I have my students read  Theodore Roosevelt’s one-century old (1912) quotes concerning health care. It is the same argument we are having today about health care – who should be responsible if the United States is to remain a great nation. 

William Jennings Bryant quotes about the gold standard  and American exceptionalism from the late 1890s are still with us. We are exceptional, but more than other countries? Are we just lucky that more exceptional people from elsewhere have decided to live here? Or is there a “higher power” controlling the American destiny?

As are the arguments from various Founders concerning our freedoms and attitudes towards the new nation being secular or sectarian. Many of those who support the Christian nation theories enjoy quoting or misquoting Jefferson, Madison, Jay, Hamilton and Franklin, or taking the quotes way out of context. Even scholars on these great men have written what appear to be “sided” accounts and not biographies. 

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