Religion, Women, and The Constitution

Noooooo! The President is backing down to religious pressures.

Yeaaaaa! The First Amendment’s guaranty that government will not interfere with religion is upheld.

Daaaamn! Where do I fall in this continuum of seemingly irreconcilable positions; religious freedom versus women’s reproductive freedom?

I am sure that Friday’s announcement from the White House is finding the two competing factions of this Church-State argument traveling down the same class-4 rapids.

I am sure readers who are the “purists” in the two competing rafts see this as a “winner takes all” proposition, while those still on the shore watching the competition see the hidden dangers lurking under the waters ahead.

One small but dangerous outcropping is the blessing the Constitution gives to those who are of theists as well as a-theists the rights to choose the direction of travel. It says that government is not to interfere in our religious lives.

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