The 21st Century Resume

As a resume consultant (one of many writing services InkandVoice Communication offers), IVC’s owner David Rosman has been warning people about the “resume rejection bin,” what the WSJ calls the “Black Hole,” for years and how to get around it, if only to increase your chances to get that job by a few percentage points.

The number of companies using electronic screening systems for applicants has grown to a point where the WSJ reported that as many as 90-percent of Fortune 500 companies are using computers to “cut the herd” of applicants. We believe that number is closer to 100-percent.

Other numbers from the WSJ:

Only 19% of small businesses review at least the majority of resumes received. Most weed out the “silly resumes” quickly. Using colored paper, fancy and oversize fonts, not following the “new” format, which is really an old format that we have forgotten about.

One company told the WSJ that when they opening one position online, they received over 400 applicants in 24-hours. To believe yours will be found in that pile, accepted by the computer and then reviewed by an HR professional, is slim.

Finally, it costs a company almost $3,500 for the online hiring process alone. This does not include the costs for training and other expenses after the individual is hired.

IVC has been touting the “Rules for Resumes” for some time now. Most are “common sense,” the after the fact understanding of how the system works. We would like to restate a few of them here.

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About David Rosman

David Rosman is an award winning editor, writer, professional speaker and college instructor in Communications, Ethics, Business and Politics. You can read more of David’s commentaries at, and
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2 Responses to The 21st Century Resume

  1. Excellent. I see over 200 resumes a week. It is true.

    I normally see only 5 that I dont need to touch.

    I always have to tell them to volunteer, to get a mentor, and to get a linked in account.

    Tyree Byndom

  2. David Rosman says:

    Tyree owns a Columbia Missouri temporary/temp-to-hire employment service and is one of the best community activists in our fair city.

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