GOP’s Dreakdown?

It is an interesting conversation. More so knowing that it is coming from a GOP discussion group.

As an observer of politics for more than 25-years and a commentator/pundit for the last five, I am now observing cracks in the armor of the Republican Party. This trend seems to be expanding since the formal start of the 2012 presidential primary season.

The ups and downs of individual candidates, the insults being flung at each other and at citizens at large,  the perceived obstructionism of the GOP members of Congress (more so with the tea party advocates), and the influx and influence of the GOP’s own special interest groups are causing the small fissures to widen. Soon, the GOP will be trying to pick-up the pieces.

To put it another way, Humpty-Dumpty is now falling and there may be little that can be done to save him before he hits the ground.

Vince Masuka, a real Miami CSI, is an active member of the Republican Party group on LinkedIn. His comments are usually party line and sometime a bit controversial. But a poll he submitted to the group has caused some interesting comments.

Vince asked, “Which group has no reason to vote Republican?”The five responses are “The unemployed,” “Gays,” “Blacks,” “Households earning less than $250,000,” and “Jobless Gay Blacks earning less than 250k.”

From questioning the validity of the noted conservative Heritage Foundation (“Did you just share a link from the Heritage Foundation? Ha!!!!! Talk about nonsense.”), to bashing their own serving in state and federal congresses, this is a “take no prisoners” discussion.  A few examples.

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