Be Stupid, Believe in God – Pope Benedict XVI

So, you want to be a good Catholic? You want God to bless you in this life and the next? The answer is simple, much simpler than going to church every Sunday or tithing 10 percent of your earnings. It really is simple; sit back and be stupid.

Really. From Pope Benedict  XVI’s December 24, 2011 Christmas homily:

“…if we want to find the God who appeared as a child, then we must dismount from the high horse of our “enlightened” reason. We must set aside our false certainties, our intellectual pride, which prevents us from recognizing God’s closeness.”

Forego college, science, and man’s natural curiosity of nature and nature’s wonders. Forgo critical thinking, reasoning, and questioning authority. Stop seeking the truth. Stop thinking.

According to the leader of the world’s largest religious denomination, the “orthodox church,” we all need to follow in the words and footsteps of the Holy See’s extraordinarily kind and enduring holy man of knowledge, Saint Forrest Gump: Stupid is as Stupid does. Then walk off of the boat in the middle of the bay.

Saint Forrest also crosses over to other conservative religious groups (many of who still believe that Catholics are not Christians), whether Christian, Jewish or Muslim, all seemingly believe that ALL answers can be found in “holy” texts that cannot be verified from the originals, simply because the originals do not exist – if they ever did.

These are the same people who do not believe in Zeus, Odin, Buddha, or any of the thousands of other gods because their “miracles” are merely “myths” and their god’s miracles are “true.” Miracles that are also beyond nature’s ability to support. Supernatural – Praeter naturam.

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