Paul, Cain, Romney, and Perot

I learned a great lesson on winning friends and influencing people (sorry Mr. Carnegie) when I was working for the Gary Hart for President campaign. It is a lesson I give my students and clients – business and political. It is a lesson I have taken to heart. It is a lesson I thought the Republican presidential candidates would have realized by now.

Lying Is Not An Option!

Now that was easy and mostly harmless.

I also learned that making excuses, blaming others, and otherwise screwing around avoiding the issue and not taking responsibility for one’s own actions ruins one’s reputation. I learned in the first years of the fourth-quarter of last century, one’s reputation is very hard to gain and extremely easy to lose.

It seems that the Great Pizza CEO has not learned this lesson. Fact- As the head of the National Restaurant Association, Mr. Cain was accused of “sexual misconduct” by two women. That story was reported by the national news. Mr. Cain has responded to these reports.  Kinda.

His story has changed almost by the hour concerning his knowledge of the incidents and of “the” settlements made by the association. He is now blaming the Perry camp for digging up these horrible tales and giving the information to the press. To make matters worse, on November 2, a third woman has contacted the press saying that Mr. Cain was sexually inappropriate with her.

Two thoughts:

First, wasn’t Cain the evil son of Adam and Eve? Herman’s last name is Cain. Is this JUST a coincidence? Let’s start a new conspiracy group.

Second, isn’t “sexually inappropriate” just a weasel phrase meaning he attempted to have sex with these women when they did not want to participate or Cain used his position as the head of the National Restaurant Association to demand sexual favors? Could there been a… rape? Or two or three?

Oh, a third thought! The National Restaurant Association shares the same initials as the National Rifle Associate – NRA. Could it be that Cain confused the two? Back to that conspiracy group.

A second lesson I teach is to “Act Professional and Be Professional” whenever addressing the public and at work. It is a lesson I give to my students and clients – business and political. It is a lesson I have taken to heart. It is a lesson I would have thought the Republican Presidential candidates would have realized by now. It’s déjà vu all over again. (Sorry Yogi.)

For eight years, the American people and those watching American politics wondered about the professionalism of President George W. Bush. His seemingly inability to put a sentence together; his walking into locked doors; his inability to pronounce the “big” words. Not to worry Mr. President, I “00t ma cixelsyd” and have the same problem with the pronunciation part.

So I wonder if Gov. Rick Perry is trying to out Bush Bush? His speech to Cornerstone last week was filled with poorly thought out jokes, and confusing and rambling statements that even the FoxNews network had a hard time from ignoring. Watch the eight-minute film on USAToday and tell me if you want this man to be your next President?

Though Cornerstone Action claims “non-partisanship,” their mission statement is clearly way right of middle. The are “dedicated to preserving New Hampshire’s traditional values, limited government, and free markets through education, information, and advocacy.” They “promote public policy to protect the unborn child and their mothers.” Cornerstone also “support(s) efforts to define marriage as only the union between one man and one woman.”

If Mr. Perry was trying to convince the audience at Cornerstone that he is the right man for the job of President, he failed. He really did not sound like a well rooted conservative. He sounded like a 13-year old trying to tell a joke.

The only persons seeming staying out of the limelight of embarrassment are Mitt Romney and -are you ready- Ron Paul. Oh how “mainstream media” seems to forget about the Congressman from Texas. Paul reminds me of that other strange man from Texas who ran for President in 1992 and 1996, Henry Ross Perot. Like Perot, Mr. Paul is certainly a force to be reckoned with.

Listen to Perot during a 1992 presidential debate with Bill Clinton and George H.W. Bush. Ross makes sense, just like Ron makes sense. It is just that Ross Perot had millions of his personal dollars to finance his campaign. Perot and his Reform Party were considered a conservative “Fringe Element.”  Ron Paul is consider part of the “Libertarian Fringe Element.” Two peas…

Romney and Paul should be taken very seriously in this Republican race for the White House. I am not saying that either could win against Mr. Obama – I do not own a crystal ball and my tarot cards are bent.  I am saying that Romney is most likely the best overall candidate the Republicans now have.

I am also saying that Ron Paul is the most honest. You may not like what he says, but you know it is what is in his heart.

Too many right-wing right-wingers are listening to their false gods – Rush, Glenn and Ann – who also blame everybody else for the screw-ups and lies of their disciples. These false gods are not helping the conservative movement; they are only perpetuating what is wrong with the GOP. These are the gods that Mr. Cain and Mr. Perry seem to be praying to.

Yes, the Dems are also guilty of screwing up. Bad decisions and sex occur on both sides of the fence. But according to the gods of the Conservatives, Dems and liberals are of the devil and have no god.

If the Republicans want a snowball’s chance in Hell to enter the race against the incumbent, the GOP must urge their party to “Act Professional and Be Professional” and to move away from those who have created bubbles of silliness about themselves.

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