A Congressional Holiday Carol

The following is from my friend, Susan Parker. I laughed at the realization that even those in Congress may have a collective heart among them.

Just thought I’d share my remix of Twas the Night Before Christmas.

Twas the night before Christmas, when in Congress, they say,
Not a legislator was stirring, in deference to the holiday.
All arguments were tucked away in their minds,
In hopes that a longed-for peace they could find.
The lawmakers nestled all snug in their chairs,
While visions of agreements erased all their cares.
Earlier, conservatives in their outrage and liberals in their plight
Had just settled in for a long winter¹s fight.
When out on the White House lawn there arose such a chatter,
They sprang from their seats to see what was the clatter.
Away from their partisan rhetoric they bolted,
Tore down all divisions and feuds, they were halted.
The light of the moon on the newly drawn budget,
Gave a feeling of daylight to all their old grudges.
When what to their wondering eyes did appear,
But a vision of our world, free from all fear.
With concessions and compromise, so easy and quick,
They knew in a moment which path they should pick.
More voices joined the chorus without giving names,
As everyone realized we could win this foolish game.
It’s only a fantasy, true, but in keeping with God’s will,
Christmas is known for unexpected miracles, still.

Susan Parker
Community Conversations Editor
The Daily Times
Salisbury, MD 21801

About David Rosman

David Rosman is an award winning editor, writer, professional speaker and college instructor in Communications, Ethics, Business and Politics. You can read more of David’s commentaries at ColumbiaMissourian.com, InkandVoice.com and NYJournalofBooks.com.
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