Rush and Sarah – Enter the Trap

Columbia, MO – My dear conservative friends,

I have warned you of your folly, of following too close behind a pig truck. I warned you of the stink and of pig shit upon window. Now my warning is more specific – Don’t follow Rush or Sarah too closely. (My apologies to farmers and pigs everywhere.)’s blogger Greg Lewis is an ardent reporter of Rush and the “Rush Limbaugh Show.” He fills in the blanks when 1) I do not have a radio or computer near to listen or 2) I am laughing so hard or am so angry at Rush’s dribble that tears are coming to my eyes and I can no longer see the road to drive.

On February 5 Lewis reported Rush’s order of the day and gave me additional insight to the failing of Rush’s cognitive abilities. This one went to all Republicans. It was based on Rush’s belief that the proposed health summit is “a trap.” It was simple, eloquent and politically stupid.

Rush ranted, “Republicans, I’m saying it right now, do not be afraid of being called the Party of No… Be proud of being called the Party of No.”

Rush, baby, the proposed health care summit is not the trap. The trap was accepting the moniker of “The Party of No!” and including the ultra-conservative Libertarians and Tea Bagge… Partiers in your call. You walked in to the Leftist-Commie-Socialist trap, Rush, like a pig walking blindly in to the slaughterhouse.

Should the GOP be proud that they have said “No” to proposed health care reform, though they had a hand in drafting the legislation? That they have said “No” to proposed fiscal aid to small business and middle and lower income families. That they have said “No” in taking at least partial responsibility for our current economic crisis? (Yes, the Dems also helped and I will not deny that.) That they have repeatedly said “No” to public education?

I certainly hope not, if, of course, they are true Americans. If not for the survival of the GOP, for the survival of the United States.

Sarah trapped herself with her own words in her effort to become the 45th President. Or should I say her own hands. During her speech at the first national Tea Party convention, like a kid cheating in high school, she wrote crib notes on her hand.

The same woman who told the world that her foreign affairs experience comes from being able to see Russia from her front porch in Wasilla. (Science: At sea level, the horizon is eight miles away. Russia is well over 1,000 miles from Wasilla Alaska. But, then again, Sarah rejects science.)

The woman who cannot remember what periodicals she reads.

The woman who, while running for Vice President of the United States, did not know what the Bush Doctrine was.

A hint, Ms. Palin. You are a professional speaker and politician, though many are now questioning the latter. It is permissible to research and practice. It is permissible have notes written on paper in front of you when you give a speech. Really. I teach Speech 101, I know.

You are invited to sit in on class next term. No charge. I can arrange it.

On the same day as Rush’s rant, CBS reported that Sarah called for the GOP to “absorb” the Tea Party movement. The Tea Party, by their own admission, has no formal national leader. So when did Sarah take over? Is this her attempt of a dictatorial-fascist maneuver? Is she attempting to replace whatever sanity remains in the GOP with nonsense, verbal abuse and the tantrums tactics of a four-year old?  You betcha.

Democrats, liberals and progressives, now is the time for all good and true patriots to take pens in hand and words to mouth, and point out the stupidity of the self-anointed leaders of the extremist-conservative, read anarchist, movements.

The Democratic, liberal and progressive parties must jump on Limbaugh’s “Call To Action” and Sarah’s lack of political savvy or lose the 2010 election cycle.

It is time to stop being the afraid. Repeat after me:

“We are an all inclusive and caring party that believes in the principles of our Constitution. That public education for every American is our number one priority. That the health of every American is to be honored. That security of America against outside and internal threats will remain vigilant. That the number one weapon in the world war on terrorism is not bombs and bullets, though necessary, but diplomacy, schools, self-security and support.”

It is time to take a stand and say “YES” to America.


About David Rosman

David Rosman is an award winning editor, writer, professional speaker and college instructor in Communications, Ethics, Business and Politics. You can read more of David’s commentaries at, and
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10 Responses to Rush and Sarah – Enter the Trap

  1. Greg Mitchell says:

    Even though I do not agree with what the “Tea Bag” movement stands far, it does show that a grass rooted group can have a voice in this country. However what it has turned into, with Palin as there unofficial leader scares the hell out of me. This leads me to my question why can’t the liberal’s organize such a grass rooted campaign? This question got me thinking that maybe I was wrong; the “Tea Baggers” really are not a grass rooted origination. It became clear to me that it was fuelled by the conservative talk show host. Here in Columbia, MO on both the news/talk radio stations you can literally list in Limbaugh, Hannity, Beck and et al for 24 hours a day. Not one Liberal or even moderate voice can be heard (at least there is still NPR, which gives a truly balanced view). So why no balanced radio, is it because there is no one out there left of center, I can say for a fact that this is not true, or is it because they don’t have the cooperate backing that the likes of Limbaugh cater to?

    • inkandvoice says:

      Air America was a valiant attempt by the left to take back ground from the conservative radio movement, but failed for a number of reasons, lack of corporate funding was one. The other is they did not have the propagandist personalities to combat Rush, Glenn, Sarah and others.

  2. brachinus says:

    Just FYI, she never said she could see Russia from her house (that was Tina Fey). She did allude to the fact that there’s a tiny island owned by Alaska from which you can see a tiny island owned by Russia, as if that somehow makes Alaskans more knowledgeable about foreign affairs.

    To me, what’s most hilarious is that she only had 6 words written on her hand, and one of them was a mistake that had to be crossed out. Not a good percentage!

    • inkandvoice says:

      I saw that. I yell at my grandkids about writing on their hands. And if I catch a student? Well there is an “F” in their near future.

      And you are right, it was Tina, but at some point in the campaign the distinction was blurred. But this has happened before. You know that Jack WEb, Sgt. Friday on Dragnet, never said “Just the facts, ma’am?” It came from comic Stan Freberg in a satire title “Sir George and the Dragonet” in 1953.

      Thanks for your response. Dave

  3. Tim Fleischer says:

    It should come as no surprise that Mrs. Palin wants or needs to head the Tea Party. While a Mayor of an obscure little town in Alaska, she and her husband were deeply involved in the Alaska separatist movement. As governor, she even welcomed them to the state capital with the encouraging words of “Keep up the good work.” It is ironic that she stood on the stage of the Republican National Convention with the words “Country First” behind when she has never put her country first. She has always put herself first.

    The Tea Partiers are just her latest dupes.

  4. Jim Jones says:

    You can say what you want to about both Sarah Palin and Rush Limbaugh, but one must consider what they say in the context of their ‘function’ in this world. They are both ENTERTAINERS. Rush might have more impact than Ms. Palin, but they are both entertainers. They are not journalists, or reporters or head of the RNC. Their ONLY job is to generate a reaction of some kind and they both do it so well. Are they viable candidates to lead anything? The NFL wouldn’t let Rush buy part of a losing football team and Palin quit halfway through her committment to lead Alaska. What more can one say?

    • inkandvoice says:

      Jim – As always, you are an astute observer of the political rampage we call government. the unfortunate thing is the number of people who hang on evry word of these two and many other extremists of our pluralistic system – from both sides, I might add. The major difference is the anarchists are louder and nastier.

    • Greg mitchell says:

      Spot on Jim, Spot on.

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  6. C Brakewell says:

    Good points raised here, (well, what I could read of it). I am color blind (deuteranopia to be precise). I mostly use Konqueror browser (not sure if that matters), and a lot of this web page is a little difficult for me to read. I know that it is not your problem really, nonetheless it would be nice if you could take into account us color challenged types while undertaking your next site re-working.

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